Dear Parent, Few decisions in a child’s life will have such far reaching effects as the choice of where to attend school. At stake could be the direction of future education–even career goals. Every child wants to be successful. No child ever went off to his or her first day of school determined to be a failure. This simple truth, combined with an emphasis on excellence and challenge, is at the heart of my philosophy of education–that students want to succeed and that each student has a right to do so.
At Atlanta Prep, every opportunity is made so that students can realize their unique talents and succeed.

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Our Mission Statement

Atlanta Preparatory Schools of The Arts is an Atlanta private school located on Bouldercrest Rd. Here at Atlanta Preparatory School of the Arts we believe that the arts enhance academic performance, stimulate creativity, broaden cultural awareness and solidify our commitment to cultivating the whole child.

“The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create.”

Perhaps your child has always wanted to be a ballet dancer. Maybe your little boy or girl has a beautiful voice, and you’d like to find a way to encourage this talent. Perhaps your child is theatrical in nature, and would shine under the spotlight of a stage. Whatever talents your child may be displaying, there’s no denying that your child has a creative spark – and you want to bring that spark to life under the care and tutorage of performance artists and teachers in the greater Atlanta, GA area.

Your child’s formative years provide the perfect opportunity for you to encourage a love of music, dance, theater, and other artistic ventures. At Atlanta Preparatory School of the Arts – with 2 locations Atlanta and Decatur, GA – our teachers can encourage the development of talents within your child, no matter what his or her artistic interests. Our dance teachers, actors, music instructors, and other professionals can help your child succeed in the arts. After all, when your child has a natural gift, Atlanta Prep can help turn that gift into a lifelong love and appreciation for the arts.

About Atlanta

Preparatory School of the Arts

Atlanta Prep is a diverse educational and independent private performing arts preparatory school. We provide daycare from 6 weeks, and provide to the opportunity to experience a modern curriculm

that is rich in artistic expression up to 1st grade. At Atlanta Prep, the student is the focus – and our core curriculum is designed to help students reach their optimal potential intellectually, socially, and artistically. In addition we offer after school for students in schools in the surrounding areas of each of our locations.


Atlanta Prep Today

At Atlanta Preparatory School of the Arts, we’re dedicated to the success of your child. We are conveniently located on Bouldercrest Rd in Atlanta 30316. We are 3 minutes away for 285 so we are easily accessible on your way to work. To learn more about our preparatory education and performing arts curriculum, schedule a campus tour by calling our admissions office at (404) 973-2715.


Decatur Locations

10 Friendly Hills Dr Ste B
Decatur, GA 30035

Sunday -Saturday 24 hours

 E-mail:

 Tel:

Candler Rd

312 Candler Rd
Decatur, GA 30317

Monday – Friday 6:30 – 6:30

 E-mail:

 Tel:

Bouldercrest Location

2321 Bouldercrest Rd
Atlanta, GA 30316

Monday – Friday 6am-7pm

 E-mail:

 Tel:
(404) 973-2715

Gwinnett Location

2675 Stone Dr SW
Lilburn GA, 30047

Sunday -Saturday 24 hours

 E-mail:

 Tel:
(404) 241-5700

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