Dear Parent, Few decisions in a child’s life will have such far reaching effects as the choice of where to attend school. At stake could be the direction of future education–even career goals. Every child wants to be successful. No child ever went off to his or her first day of school determined to be a failure. This simple truth, combined with an emphasis on excellence and challenge, is at the heart of my philosophy of education–that students want to succeed and that each student has a right to do so.

At Atlanta Prep, every opportunity is made so that students can realize their unique talents and succeed. Of ultimate importance is that a school be chosen that is compatible with the child’s abilities and interests. To do that, you must discover the school’s philosophy of education–the principles and values by which it is run on a daily basis. Throughout this website, we have outlined these for you, as they are practiced at Atlanta Prep. I am delighted that you are considering Atlanta Prep. We encourage parents and applicants to visit the school, sit in on classes and meet the faculty. Please accept my personal invitation to call and make an appointment for a tour and a meeting with me. Cordially, Jessica J. White, Headmaster Atlanta Prep School Mission Statement and Philosophy Atlanta Preparatory School of The Arts is a diverse educational, independent, private performing arts preparatory school offering daycare from 6 weeks and modern curriculum for grades up to 1st grade. In the belief that every student can succeed, we provide a supportive atmosphere that reflects and is enhanced by the diversity and richness of being exposed to the arts.