The Foundation of a Child's Future

Atlanta Preparatory School of the Arts is one of the leading private schools in Decatur, Georgia. In addition to crucial subjects such as math, foreign languages and science, Atlanta Prep specializes in honing students’ skills in dance classes, drama classes, performing arts theater, karate, camps, after-school programs, and more. Atlanta Prep is pleased to offer pre-school programs, which are designed to provide each child with a successful first step on their educational journey. Our pre-school programs can provide a positive influence among our students, as we teach fundamental skills and concepts, surrounded by rich artistic expressions. By using music in the classroom to art-focused field trips, your child will be exposed to the kind of intellectual, artistic, and social experiences that will ensure a future filled with success and discovery.

Our pre-school program provides the supportive atmosphere that reflects and is enhanced by the diversity and richness of being exposed to the arts. Our students are the focus of our curriculum, which means your child will experience the personalized attention and care that leads to classroom success. Help create a future that’s bright, successful, and filled with appreciation for the arts at Atlanta Prep.

Program includes:
  • Abeka
  • Dance
  • Karate and more